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10 Mother-Daughter Date Ideas

10 Mother-Daughter Date Ideas

My daughter is at a great age (almost 7) to go on mother-daughter dates, and she’s very interested in doing things that make her feel big and grown up. While dates with just one of my kids are sometimes hard to fit in, I try to make one happen every once in a while. Sometimes this can only be accomplished by getting a babysitter for only one of them, or during the day with their varying school schedules. So when I do get the chance to make one of them feel special, I make sure to do it right.

Below are 10 ideas for mother-daughter dates. We haven’t tried all of these yet, but I’m looking forward to checking more off the list. And check back soon- I’ll have a mother-son date idea list up for boy moms in a couple days.

  1. Mani/Pedi - My girl loves getting her nails painted! I don’t mind it either… Our favorite nail salons are ones that have mini chairs for kids, so try to find one of these for your quality pampering time. If you’re in the Frisco area, I highly recommend Kosmo Nail Bar. Or if you’re pressed for time or on a frugal budget, set up a spa and nail salon at home! This is arguably more fun, and much easier on the bank account.

  2. Tea Party - There are a couple options for this one depending on your budget, and neither is better than the other. My daughter received a tea set from her grandmother last Christmas, so sometimes we set that up, get all gussied up, and have a tea party in our own home. But I think we’re going to take the tea party to the next level for her birthday next month by attending an actual High Tea at Edith’s French Bistro in Plano. Either way, civilized conversation is the winner here.

  3. Lunch & Shopping - Just like grown-up girlfriends! Head to your favorite mall restaurant or food court stop, followed by a little window shopping. This is a great way to get an idea of what your girl may be interested in for her upcoming birthday or Christmas. One of our favorites that makes my daughter (and me!) feel very fancy is lunch at Nordstrom’s Bazille, followed by a little shopping.

  4. American Girl Bistro - If you’re ready to introduce your daughter to American Girl dolls, a trip to an American Girl Store & Bistro is a must. Of course, you probably know the drill if your daughter is already into American Girl dolls. This date can get pricey, so be prepared to set expectations before you set out on your adventure.

  5. Pottery Painting - Let your daughter’s creativity take over with a trip to Color Me Mine or a similar studio. I love this one because you’ll end up with a visual reminder of your time spent together in mutual creative pursuits.

  6. Community Service Project - Giving back to the community and loving others is a core value I want to instill in my children. Participating in community service projects is a great way to achieve this through example, and a great way to spend an afternoon together. Check online for service opportunities in your area. If you’re in the Frisco area, check these out: Frisco Family Services, Lovepacs, Frisco Fastpacs, and Feed My Starving Children.

  7. Bake Something - If you’re able to have a home date, baking something together is a great idea! Baking followed by decorating anything (sugar cookies, cupcakes, cake) is always a hit at my house. Crank the tunes in the kitchen and have some fun! Try not to think about the mess until later.

  8. Geocaching - Download the Geocaching app and get to caching! Geocaching is like a giant outdoor scavenger hunt and is perfect for an outdoorsy and adventurous girl (we’ve had to climb a small tree to reach a cache before, so be prepared). We like to go to Sonic for our favorite drinks before heading off on the hunt.

  9. Barnes & Noble - This is my favorite! Head to Barnes & Noble with your girl and take your time choosing a book together. Then head to the B&N Starbucks Cafe, order a coffee and kiddie frap, and sit down to read together. I love this relatively calm and quiet time engaged in literary pursuits.

  10. See a Play or Movie - Check your local theaters for available kid-friendly plays and go see one! These tend to be more plentiful around the holiday season. If you can’t find a play in your area on the right night, then head to the movies. Make it extra special by going to a place that also serves food, like Moviehouse & Eatery or Alamo Drafthouse.

No matter how you choose to spend quality, one-on-one time with your daughter, she’s sure to cherish it for years to come. Kids spell love T-I-M-E, so let’s carve some extra special time out just for them whenever we can.

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