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My name is Amy. I live with my husband and two kids in Frisco, Texas. I’m passionate about my local community, living a frugal lifestyle, and writing in support of mothers, marriages, and families. Thanks for following along!

10 Mother-Son Date Ideas

10 Mother-Son Date Ideas

We already covered mother-daughter dates in my last post, so let’s dive into some mother-son date ideas. My son is only 4, so a few of these options are still pipe dreams for me. But when he gets to the right ages, you can bet we’ll start checking more off our list.

I’d love to hear from more seasoned boy moms who know more and better than I do at this point. It’s a little challenging for me to find things to do with my son at this age- things that both we’ll enjoy and that won’t end in a meltdown for one or both of us- so let me know what you guys do!

You’ll notice that some of these ideas also appear on the mother-daughter idea list. Who says boys and girls can’t enjoy the same things?

  1. Arcade - This is one that we absolutely love! Our favorite place to play some games together is Dave & Busters. If you go to the Frisco location, consider going on a Thursday evening when they have unlimited wings and unlimited video game play for $20! Other locations may have this deal as well- check with your local D&B.

  2. Go Karts - We love playing Mario Kart, so my son is super excited to go real karting, just as soon as he gets old enough and tall enough. If your kid is big enough, search online for go kart tracks in your area and make a date of it! In the Frisco area, you can try Kartland, an indoor (hello, A/C!) go kart track. Riders must be at least 48” tall and 6 years old.

  3. Fun Lunch - While Chick-fil-A and McDonald’s are great options for a fun kids’ lunch, spicing it up a little can make your kiddo feel super special. We like to go on lunch or dinner dates to fun and unusual places like The Rainforest Cafe or Medieval Times. Sure, you’ll pay a premium for mediocre food, but kids love the experience.

  4. Outdoor Adventure - Tap into the adventurous side of your boy and enjoy a day outside! (Maybe wait till fall if you’re in Texas… #hot.) I recently learned about Go Ape, a zip line adventure in Plano. The minimum age is 10, so it’ll be a while before we get to try it, but it looks like something older kids will love! Other local outdoor adventures include the Heard Museum, fishing at any of the stocked ponds, pick your own produce at Pure Land Farm in McKinney, and wear your helmet to the Frisco Skate Park.

  5. Pottery Painting - Boys love crafting too! Mine especially loves to paint, so a trip to a studio like Color Me Mine is a lot of fun for us. My son really treasures his craft projects- they’re all over his room. So it’s nice to have mementos of our time together for his “rememberies,” as he calls his memories.

  6. Community Service Project - Giving back to the community and loving others is a core value I want to instill in my children. Participating in community service projects is a great way to achieve this through example, and a great way to spend an afternoon together. Check online for service opportunities in your area. If you’re in the Frisco area, check these out: Frisco Family Services, Lovepacs, Frisco Fastpacs, and Feed My Starving Children.

  7. Cook or Bake Something - Baking cookies with my son is usually the easiest option if we’re spending an afternoon in the kitchen together. But find something your kid loves, whether it be baking, grilling, chopping, sauteing… Crank the tunes and get to creating in the kitchen.

  8. Geocaching - Download the Geocaching app and get to caching! Geocaching is like a giant outdoor scavenger hunt and is perfect for an outdoorsy and adventurous boy (we’ve had to climb a small tree to reach a cache before, so be prepared). We like to go to Sonic for our favorite drinks before heading out on the hunt.

  9. Barnes & Noble - This is my favorite! Head to your local Barnes & Noble with your boy and take your time choosing a book together. Then head to the B&N Starbucks Cafe, order a coffee and kiddie frap, and sit down to read together. I love this relatively calm and quiet time engaged in literary pursuits.

  10. Water Balloon Fight - Let the balloons and fun fly with this one! When I was a kid, my brothers and I would tie water balloons until our fingers bled. But these days, you can get self-tying balloons that make the experience so much more enjoyable. Granted, your kid will probably enjoy this activity more than you do, but being the “fun mom” every once in a while is so worth it.

No matter how you choose to spend quality, one-on-one time with your son, he’s sure to cherish it for years to come. Kids spell love T-I-M-E, so let’s carve some extra special time out just for them whenever we can.

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10 Mother-Daughter Date Ideas

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